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Miss Feng Qi is too boring

Miss Feng Qi is too boring

Miss Feng Qi is too boring

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    Miss Feng Qi is too boring
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    Soul chasing dragon kite
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2022-06-25 18:10:59
It is said that the first six of the seven young ladies of the Phoenix family perform their respective duties, but these seven young ladies... Are only responsible for doing nothing at present with phoenix soul, dragon blood and human body, Miss seven is full when she is born and the winner when she goes out invincible is lonely, life is too boring, Miss seven has a flash of inspiration: it's better to change a vest and go out change the adventurer's vest and go to the cloud country to bully small animals and hunt soul beads change the monster vest, go to the demon Kingdom, form forces and sneak into the enemy camp picking up a waste talent can be used as a knife, and picking up a mount can make weapons picking up a partner can kill people invisibly and compensate yourself life is so boring that you have to have some fun - it's fun from having nothing to going back to the top of your life from killing monsters by yourself to cultivating younger brothers to reap ruthlessly, this fun can also be lazy from being alone to wandering around with demons, it's more fun than immortals!