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The princess is angry

The princess is angry

The princess is angry

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    The princess is angry
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    Sunny girl
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    Light Novel
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2022-06-17 00:22:14
One day, the super wayward Princess Royal Highness Princess, who was loved by everyone, suddenly became sensible after her head was hit by an accident. No one knows what's going on! But everyone subconsciously felt inexplicably relieved. After all, for the peace of this country, Her Highness Royal Highness Princess will certainly become a sacrifice for the dragon. And, of course, the fool chosen as the "brave". Everyone knows that their fate will be very miserable, but at least when the agreed time comes, his highness Royal Highness Princess will still be loved by everyone, and the "brave" adults will still be respected by everyone. Originally, everything could be as perfect as the script, and everyone would live a happy life. But why? Why on earth did your highness Royal Highness Princess start to lose her temper again? What trouble! The troublesome Royal Highness Princess seems to have become abnormal... this is a story based on the Western magical world. When the Dragon misbehaves, how should ordinary mortals resist? Neither the "Princess" nor the "brave" who were chosen as sacrifices knew what kind of future they would usher in! But the world is not ordinary! The divination hut hidden in the corner of the street, the lovely elves and dwarfs hidden in the deep forest, the heroic descendants who sell swords for a living, and the iron making teenagers with divine power, when you are in despair, you don't know that when the slim hopes gather, it is a new future

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